Carbon fiber is known as the black gold material, with high strength, high modulus, light weight, shock resistance, anti fatigue, low coefficient of thermal expansion of superior performance, not only has an irreplaceable role in the aerospace industry and other high-tech fields, in automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing and other industries are also important people and employment status. However, the production and development of such important materials is very difficult, and the core technology is monopolized by the developed countries such as Japan and the United States. So what are the problems facing the development of domestic carbon fiber industry?

1, the monopoly of the enterprise: from the global carbon fiber market share, monopolized by Japanese and American enterprises, especially Japanese companies in TORAY, mastered the core technology of carbon fiber, carbon fiber and its production of both quantity and quality are in the leading position in the world. According to the relevant data, Japanese companies account for 49% of the small tow market share and 52% of the large tow market share. In the domestic market, only 20% of carbon fiber is made in China, and 80% depends on imports. Foreign carbon fiber enterprises pressure domestic carbon fiber enterprises through price and technical advantages to make our country suffer for a long time.

2, the lack of Technology: according to statistics, in the three fields of aerospace, sports, leisure and industry, the proportion of domestic carbon fiber application is 4%, 67% and 29%, respectively. Most carbon fiber manufacturers are in the low end, and there is a handful of manufacturers capable of producing high – tech carbon fiber products such as space military industry. The cost of production, the degree of automation and the quality of the products have a certain distance from the foreign manufacturers.

Although the domestic carbon fiber industry is facing great challenges, this does not hinder its development. With the progress of the times, a number of excellent carbon fiber enterprises have emerged.

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