Carbon fiber with high temperature, low density, tensile strength, and Young’s modulus and high corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, good electrical conductivity and thermal expansion coefficient and other characteristics, in addition to military security, aerospace, medical equipment, etc., can also be used to produce high performance fiber reinforced cement composite Tsuen material. Polyacrylonitrile based carbon fibers are the most used in all carbon fibers. In this paper, the preparation principle of the lower PAN based carbon fibers is discussed.

Carbon fiber reinforced cementitious composites are prepared by using short cut PAN based carbon fibers (usually 3mm~10mm). The uniform dispersion of carbon fiber in cemented cemetery must be fully guaranteed. Because it has a thin 20 – minute diameter of one hair, it has a smooth surface and a hydrophobicity, and it is easily entangled after agitation. The properties of the carbon fiber cement, which are uneven, are enhanced by the use of the material, and the performance is not up to the requirements. In order to make the dispersion of carbon fibers more uniform, special researches were carried out. At last, it was found that by adding methyl cellulose, carboxymethyl cellulose and other surfactants or silica fume, the dispersity could be greatly improved and water repellency reduced. In general, the material is not more than 1% of the weight of the cement.

In order to make the pan based carbon fiber and cement closely together, it is best to use a diameter less than 45μ washing grinding Portland cement m, the configuration of this composite material usually with fine aggregate, the particle size is less than 0.2mm, fine selection of material with fine grinding of silica sand, fly ash and volcano bead. In addition, other auxiliary materials can also be added. For example, adding water reducing agent can make fiber and cement easy to mix. Adding coagulant can adjust the setting time of raw materials.

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