The original carbon fiber in history was made by carbonization of Edison from natural cellulose in 1879, which is used as an electric filament. Because this fiber wire is very easy to break, so there is no other use. Since 50s, the carbon fiber industry has been redeveloped, which can be made from viscose based fiber, polyacrylonitrile fiber and asphalt. The most used polyacrylonitrile based carbon fiber is now used because of its high efficiency and good product quality. Below is the preparation of carbon fiber materials.

The preparation of carbon fiber is mainly composed of three steps. The first step is to stabilize the process, and then the polyacrylonitrile and the air are heated to 300 degrees centigrade, and the cyclization reaction occurs. The second step is to carbonate the cyclized fibers under the protection of inert gas H2 and N2 at 1600 C, that is to say, the volatile components are removed without decomposition and melting. The final step is to be further treated at high temperatures above 2500 degrees centigrade at the same time, while stretching the carbon fiber to make it a particularly stable graphite fiber. The sublimation temperature of carbon fiber is 3650 degrees centigrade. Its thermal expansion coefficient is small, and its corrosion resistance is a good conductor. Another characteristic of this kind of fiber is the high strength. It is often used with resin in aerospace, military industry, automobile manufacturing, sports equipment and so on.

Carbon fiber products are very popular in Europe and other developed countries, domestic words in recent years has also raised the upsurge of carbon fiber, the market should gradually.

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