Aluminum alloy is made of pure aluminum with various alloying elements. Compared with steel, aluminum alloy is more portable. It has been used in many fields such as aerospace, automobile, machinery, ship and so on. Carbon fiber is based on the pre oxidation and carbonization of polyacrylonitrile fiber at high temperature. It is not only light weight but also high strength, high temperature resistance and friction resistance. It has been widely applied in civil industry and military industry. Which is superior to the two materials?

First look at the aluminum alloy, its density is only 2.5~2.88g/cm^3, about 1/3 of the steel (7.85g/cm^3), the relative stiffness is 8.5, and the steel is 1. With the same quality, a greater stiffness can be obtained by replacing steel with aluminum alloy. The tensile strength of the steel Aluminum Alloy than about 160~400MPa, but slightly inferior, after appropriate heat treatment, can reach 700MPa, and the strength of a low alloy steel.

Look at the carbon fiber material, its density is lighter than aluminum, only 1.7g/cm^3, the tensile strength of 3000MPa steel, is more than four times, the elastic modulus is 230GPa, the thermal expansion coefficient of 1.4~+1.7× 10-6, earthquake resistance, anti fatigue, X ray transmittance is high, because it is a kind of anisotropic material, parallel to the and the performance of fiber perpendicular to the fiber direction, so strong in design, the performance of different layers can change the product, it can be used in various fields.

To sum up, compared with the aluminum alloy, carbon fiber has a better performance, and the annual demand is rising.

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