Carbon fiber is a kind of excellent material, which is used in both military industry and civil industry. Nowadays, there are many manufacturers of carbon fiber, and the quality, price and specifications of products are different. In order to standardize the market, the state has formulated the quality standard of carbon fiber, mainly including three aspects: brand, technical index and quality inspection.

1. Carbon fiber brand:

1, mechanical ability: the mark of mechanical ability is composed of each phonetic alphabet and four numbers in the year. The letter represents the type, and the number represents the mechanical characteristics. For example, GQ3522 indicates a high strength carbon fiber with a strength of more than 3500MPa and a modulus at least 220GPa.

2. The specifications of the tow: 1K, 3k, 6K, 12K, 24K, etc., indicating the amount of raw silk contained in the carbon fiber bundles per share.

3. Twisting: the number 1 represents twisting, 2 for twisting, and 3 for twisting.

4, sizing: the number represents the suitable resin type, for example, 1 indicates epoxy resin, 2 represents epoxy and vinyl ester, 3 indicates epoxy, phenolic and bismaleimide resin, 4 indicates general class. As for the content of the glue, it is expressed as a percentage.

Two. Carbon fiber technical indicators:

Carbon fibers with superior performance can be divided into high strength, high strength medium model, high model, high modulus high strength type, and their technical indexes are different. The tensile strength of high strength needs to be 4000MPa, the tensile strength of the middle mold needs to be greater than 260GPa, and the modulus of elasticity of the high mold needs to be greater than 400GPa.

Three, carbon fiber quality inspection

In general, sampling method is used to detect the weight of carbon fiber, and the focus is on appearance, strength, modulus, elongation at break and density. The content, density and carbon content of the sizing agent can also be included in the detection range.

The use of carbon fibers is increasing every year, and production technology is increasing, and more stringent standards may be introduced in the future.

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