In order to prevent further deterioration of the ozone hole and melting of the polar ice caps, rising sea levels and other environmental problems, but also because of coal, oil and other resources depleted facing reality, human society and even the whole ecological system are in urgent need of a timely and effective change, low carbon and environmental protection of life and travel more and more the society needs and respected. One of the ways of low carbon environmental protection for aircraft, automobile, subway, high speed rail and other transportation industries is the light weight. The electric vehicle as an example, the body of 30% per weight, single charge mileage can be increased by 33%; in the case of automobile, automotive fuel consumption to 60% car body weight, 10% per weight, the fuel consumption can reduce emissions can be reduced by 10% 8% – 10%. By analogy, in addition to cars, aircraft, subway, high speed rail and so on, can reduce self weight by using more lightweight materials, so as to achieve the purpose of low carbon and environmental protection. Therefore, from the results, low carbon and environmental protection for social sustainable development is a promotion rather than a constraint. Because of the purpose of low carbon and environmental protection, the whole world is actively developing and utilizing high-tech materials and technologies, such as carbon fiber, in order to alleviate the contradiction between economic development and ecological environment protection, and promote the sustainable development of transportation industry.

Carbon fiber composites have high specific modulus and specific strength, which are the highest in common materials at present. Carbon fiber is small in density and light in weight, and its density is only 1.5-2g/cm3. It is equivalent to 1/4 of steel density and density of 1/2 of aluminum alloy. Its weight can be reduced by more than 50% when it is made of high strength steel with equal strength and rigidity. At present, realize the lightweight effect is the most widely used in automobile manufacturing field of carbon fiber material, from the beginning of BMW I3, I8 and other new energy vehicles, from the engine cover, car body, car floor, interior to the various parts of the world, the famous brands in different degree in the tentative application. The application of rail traffic is relatively early, but its development is slow. Dozens of years ago, Japan’s Shinkansen was already using components made of carbon fiber. South Korea’s TTX tilting train, France’s TGV double deck car body and so on were all typical examples of using carbon fiber composite materials. Related experiments and application research in China in Qingdao Sifang high iron manufacturing enterprises have been carried out in the high iron carbon fiber parts actively. <

In a word, carbon fiber is used in the transportation industry, but the market is still at the beginning of the development. In this case, the choice of either carbon fiber products manufacturers to enter the market is facing new road in the blue ocean, or blaze a new trail in the Red Sea, the market space is sufficient, but no matter what kind of choice to advance the resistance requirements, the most obvious disorder of carbon fiber products and high cost price is special performance. In the coordination of the two undertakings of economic development and ecological environment protection, carbon fiber plays an important role in the transportation industry, and enterprises need to have strong combat effectiveness.

The road determines the direction, the direction determines the fate. If carbon fiber is the most attractive value of transportation industry to light weight, the value of CFRP manufacturers to transport industry is to promote the in-depth application of carbon fiber in transport products. Light weight is the necessary way for the transportation industry to adapt to the trend of low carbon environmental protection, and the light quantification will also be the way to win the traffic market.

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