Most of the contemporary high-tech products come from the military field, and carbon fiber composites are no exception. In the 50s, the cold war between the US and the Soviet Union began to use it for the need of weapon strategy and achieved remarkable results. With the development of the times, carbon fiber composites are not only used in the military field, but also can be seen everywhere in the civil field, such as sporting goods, high-speed rail and mechanical manufacturing. In the process of manufacturing carbon fiber composite products, the layer design is a key step.

The angle ply reasonable, can optimize the mechanical properties of carbon fiber composite board components and other properties, the commonly used layer angle is 0° 45&deg, 90° 135°,;, if the angle of layer design is not reasonable, the advantages of carbon fiber material can not be reflected, as this will increase. Taking carbon fiber laminates as an example, the emphasis is on the following:

1, the balance of the layer angle. In order to reduce the residual stress and warpage in the curing process of carbon fiber reinforced plastic components, the laying direction of laminates should be balanced in the bearing direction. For example, for a +&alpha, &deg and corner ply, there should be a -&alpha, &deg layer.

2. The quantity requirement of the same layer direction. In order to resist the Poisson effect, the number of layers in the same direction in the carbon fiber laminates is recommended between 8%~67%. If special needs are needed, the layers of the laminates are all 45° /135° this will be an exception. However, the above situation should conform to the stress criteria and the corresponding manufacturing specification.

3. The symmetries of the layer. In order to reduce the deformation during solidification, the whole stacking sequence should be symmetrical on both sides of the center line of the laminate structure, and the centerline is generally located in the middle part of the laminate.

4. The uniform distribution of the layer angle. In order to ensure the uniform layer order, the unlaid layer angle should be evenly distributed in the layer order. For example, we recommend the application of lay up (45° /90° /135° /0° /0° /45° /0° /135° /0° /0° /90° /0&deg); (2); (2); X;); distribute evenly between laminates.

5. Limit the maximum number of successive layers. In order to reduce the formation of micro cracks, the maximum number of successive layers of the same laying angle should be limited. The maximum number of successive layers of the same laying angle in the recommended layer is less than 4, and the thickness of the continuous layer of the same angle should be less than 1mm.

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