The emergence of stealth technology is a milestone in the development of weapons and equipment in the world, and absorbing materials are an indispensable part of the stealth technology. According to the forming process and the bearing capacity, it can be divided into two major categories: coating type and structure type, and the new carbon fiber composites belong to the latter. As an anisotropic material, is the absorption property of carbon fiber composites related to the way of laying?

In order to solve this problem, the company’s technical personnel have been studied and come to the following round:

1, carbon fiber composites arranged in parallel manner in epoxy resin matrix show good absorbers, while carbon fiber content and parallel distance all have significant influence on the absorbers.

2, when the direction of the incoming electromagnetic field is perpendicular to the fiber direction, the carbon fiber composite material has the wave absorbing property, and increases with the increase of fiber layer number and content, but the frequency of the maximum absorption peak remains unchanged, and does not increase with the increase of the number of layers.

3, when the parallel fiber direction of incident electromagnetic wave electric field and the carbon fiber composite material arrangement direction, between the absorbing performance and its fiber distance and fiber layers, increase fiber content, number, content, wave absorption increased, but with the decrease of fiber spacing, the maximum absorption peak moves to higher frequency.

It can be seen that the absorption performance of carbon fiber is closely related to its laying mode, and it can be designed according to the specific requirements in practical use. Compared with other absorbing materials, known as black gold “ ” carbon fiber has high strength, light weight, good dimensional stability, low thermal expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity is high, except for electromagnetic shielding, carbon fiber composite material is often processed into high iron, sports goods, auto parts medical equipment, drones and other products.

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