Energy and material human beings depend on the material basis for their survival, and the continuous research on them promotes the development of global economy, politics and spiritual culture. However, the excessive exploitation of energy and the emission of a large amount of tail gas and waste water make the ecological environment scars, and it is imminent to protect the environment. Carbon fiber material is light and high strength. It can be used to make automobile, train and aircraft components lightweight, reduce fuel consumption, and produce no toxic substances in the production process, which is green and environmental friendly.

Carbon fiber is a kind of carbon content in more than 90% of the fiber material, composed of many crystallites piled up, graphite like structures, diameter of only 6~8μ m, hair is about 1/20 of the thickness, high modulus, high strength, low density, high temperature resistance, high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion, anti friction impact etc. the characteristics, especially in an inert gas, high temperature resistant carbon fiber material 2000 DEG C. In general, carbon fibers are not used alone, but are combined with the matrix of resin, metal and ceramics.

There are a lot of specific use of carbon fiber composite materials, aerospace manufacturing spacecraft, rockets, satellites, military housing support; the use of carbon fiber composite materials to manufacture missile submarines, fighter aircraft and shell structure; the transportation field, car racing, high iron parts into the processing of carbon fiber composite material; medical the field of medical board, can be made of carbon fiber composite material plate, wheelchair support leg.

At the very beginning, the price of carbon fiber materials is very high. With the development of economy and technology, the price of carbon fiber composites will become more and more popular. The widespread use will not be a problem. Many cars, bicycles and trains are now using carbon fiber composites, which have achieved good results.

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