Speaking of the leading enterprises in the carbon fiber industry, it is not in TORAY of Japan. It was founded in 1926, is a core technology in organic synthesis and polymer chemistry and biochemistry of high-tech companies, is the world’s largest manufacturer of carbon fiber, carbon fiber materials, production of T300, T700, T1000, M40 and other models, many people find it difficult to choose one at the time of purchase, not understanding between carbon fiber types the difference here is to explain to you.

The carbon fiber produced in TORAY is divided into two series: T and M. T pursues tensile strength. There are many grades such as T300, T400, T700, T800, T1000, T1100 and T1200. It is mainly used in automobiles, bicycles, sporting goods, instruments and planes. The greater the number, the greater the tensile strength. At first, the tensile strength of carbon fiber was expressed in British units kgf/mm^2 or Ksi. Now it is mostly expressed in metric unit MPa. For example, the most common carbon fiber T300 on the market is tensile strength of 3530Mpa. M is pursuing elastic modulus. There are many grades such as M35, M40 and M60. It is mainly used in advanced sports equipment, rockets, spacecrafts and satellites. Therefore, it is also known as aerospace grade carbon fiber, and it is much more difficult to manufacture than T series. At first, the tensile modulus of carbon fiber was also expressed in the British unit kgf/mm^2, which is now expressed in Gpa.

The tensile strength of carbon fibers increased is often at the expense of the elastic modulus, thus limiting its use, in order to solve this problem, scientists have invented a series of MJ carbon fiber with high strength and high modulus of elasticity, strictly speaking, MJ should be classified in the M series, M40J and M60J corresponding to more than one class the performance, particularly good, expensive, mainly used in high-tech fields.

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