Stress refers to the deformation of components under the action of external forces, and the internal deformation of components, which results in the interaction of internal forces. The stress concentration refers to the accumulation of stress within the components. The stress concentration will cause some damage to the components. Here we will understand the effect of carbon fiber material on the stress concentration in the layer.

We know that carbon fiber has a very strong degree of freedom of design. During the course of laying, the angle of ply is different, and the strength is different. The common angle of laying is 0&deg, &plusmn, 45&deg and 90&deg. And the study showed that the 0&deg layer; more and more serious stress concentration, and ± 45° layer can decrease the stress concentration effect of brittle materials are carbon fiber composite materials, no plastic deformation phenomenon, not like the metal material to produce local relaxation release stress concentration, so once the stress concentration reaches a limit value, will make the fiber fracture, so the carbon fiber composite material basically are used in cross layer.

In the design process of all CFRP structures, attention should be paid to the details of stress concentration and avoid sharp deformation. If deformation occurs, we should slow transition or increase fillet to relieve the problem of too concentrated stress. In the place where the shape changes and the holes are processed, the analysis should be carried out to avoid the safety problems.


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