In terms of pipe material, our first reaction is a circular tube with cross section. As a matter of fact, there are various forms of pipes. Besides circular pipes, there are square tubes, triangular tubes, semicircular tubes, diamond tubes, etc., but their use is rather special, which is not very common. As an advanced material, carbon fiber can be made into various products, including round tubes and square tubes. The round tubes can act as cameras, three legs, electronic cigarette pipes and fishing rods. So what are the uses of square tubes?

The carbon fiber square tube is mainly used for structural aspects, such as small aircraft keel, sailing mast, automatic mechanical cantilever, automatic equipment framework, offshore exploration drilling pipe and so on. It has superior pressure bearing capacity, which is much better than that of metal and engineering plastics. Take a look at the advantages of carbon fiber square tube. The most important thing is high strength. Because as a structural material, it needs to bear strong external force. If the bearing capacity is poor, it will not be able to use for a long time. The weight of carbon fiber square tube is light, and it is convenient to build structure and carry. It is resistant to high temperature, low temperature and corrosion resistance, and can be used in various environments without fear of the sun and snow and snow. The production of carbon fiber square tubes is more complex than the process of producing circular tubes. It is necessary to open the mold and generally need to be customized.

In the structure and other aspects, the pipe can not replace the use of the square tube, it has a unique advantage.

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