Carbon fiber composite materials are light weight, high strength, high temperature resistance and friction resistance are good, can be used in a number of industries. With the development of economy, its application field is still expanding, and now it has been extended to new fields, such as new energy, high speed train, etc. The use of carbon fiber increases, and its waste is also increasing, causing great pressure to the environment. So can it be recycled? The answer is yes, incineration is a commonly used method of recovery, but it can only recover part of the heat, and also pollute the environment.

This method is to put carbon fiber composite into the reaction device, and control the temperature and pressure to separate the resin and fiber, so as to realize recycling. The concrete steps are as follows: first, cut the carbon fiber composite into small pieces, put it into the reflux device, add sulfuric acid, and then heat it up until the boiling point of sulfuric acid is reached. Two. Take out the material, clean it with acetone first, and reuse the deionized water several times, and then dry it in the vacuum box of 100. Three. The drying material is put into the reactor, and the organic solvent is added in a certain proportion. After treatment, the oxidizer is added in proportion. Four, the reaction furnace was heated to 300 C for 10 minutes to 2 hours, and the primary product was obtained after natural cooling. Five, the primary product is washed with industrial acetone, and then recycled to carbon fiber after drying.

The efficiency of this method is high, the degradation rate of the resin is above 95%, and the strength of the recycled fiber also has 90% of the original strength. Compared with the incineration method, its recycling rate is greatly improved, and it will not produce too much pollution to the environment. With the increasing use of carbon fiber, its recycling technology will also be a focus of development.

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