Pitch-based carbon fiber research began in the 1950s, and by the 1960s, it was officially put into industrial production. Compared with the most commonly known polyacrylonitrile carbon fiber, pitch-based carbon fiber is less used and its strength is not high, but the price is cheap, so it has also been welcomed by people. The following specific to tell you about asphalt-based carbon fiber.

Pitch-based carbon fiber is bitumen drawing, pre-oxidation and high-temperature carbonization system, has a hexagonal carbon skeleton structure, lateral binding is very good, in the self-lubricating, electrical conductivity and flexibility of the properties are very good, the applicable range is Ceramic reinforcements, insulation materials, electric materials, electrostatic shielding materials, sealing materials, aircraft, ships, cable parts can also be used to make it.

Of course, not all pitch can be used to make bituminous-based carbon fibers, and commonly used spinnable pitch. Spun asphalt can be used coal tar and petroleum bitumen as raw material, the processing method is simple, the crude bitumen first diluted with a solution, and then filtered to remove impurities, and then modified, high temperature polymerization and vacuum distillation to remove the vacuum drum components easy to produce , The last remaining is spinning asphalt. Traditional asphalt production technology for the batch method, with the development of science and technology, and now has developed an extraction method, has become the main method has been made.

In addition to pitch-based carbon fibers, other more common are polyacrylonitrile-based carbon fibers, phenolic-based carbon fibers, and viscose-based carbon fibers, a wide variety. Since the invention of carbon fiber, it has been widely used in various industries and its production technology has been continuously improved. Although China’s carbon fiber industry started relatively late, but also continue to learn advanced technology, continuous research and development, and achieved some success.

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