Carbon fiber, as a new material, has been widely used in all aspects. The military, can be made to missile shell, fighter, armor; aerospace, aircraft, satellites, rockets can be manufactured; sports goods, can make baseball rod, golf clubs, tennis racket, fishing rod, table tennis racket; medical devices, to manufacture CT bed, medical stretcher bracket, prosthesis, etc.. As the level of science and technology advances, carbon fiber is still expanding into the new field. In the initial stage of the test, it is possible to determine whether a new carbon fiber processing piece is feasible.

To determine whether a part is feasible, there are mainly four factors: the cost of each part, the location of installation, the cost of installation, whether it can meet the demand of the whole product, or whether the performance is higher than that of other materials. The price of carbon fiber materials is high and the brittleness is big. It is difficult to make mechanical machining such as drilling. It takes a lot of energy. As long as the product parts are made well, the installation will not be very difficult, the weight of carbon fiber is light, and the handling is convenient. In terms of performance, we all know that carbon fiber has high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, friction resistance, high strength, light weight, small thermal expansion coefficient and conductivity. The parts produced are far beyond the expected demand. Carbon fiber products are expensive, and their performance is good. The products of business card holders, glasses frames and wallets are less domestic, and are mainly exported to foreign countries. But the cost of carbon fiber is not worth mentioning, such as aircraft with high cost and high precision.

As the level of economy and science and technology increased, the price of carbon fiber has also declined, which has also promoted the development of various carbon fiber processing parts.

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