Pulley shoes, also known as speed shoes and dry skates, are commonly used as sports leisure products, which are well received by children and teenagers. The pulley shoes made of new carbon fiber materials are light, light and durable, fast in driving, high in strength and can provide good support. Because carbon fiber is highly designed, it can create various styles and choose a wide range. The quality of the pulley shoes is very good than that of other materials.

The pulley shoe consists mainly of three parts: the bottom frame, the shoe barrel and the wheel. The bottom frame is a key component of the structure. It is required to be strict and must be light, hard and accurate. The tensile strength of carbon fiber is no less than 2400MPa, and it is not easy to deform or fracture. Its density is about 1.8g/cm^3, which is much lighter than the traditional aluminum alloy material. When used, it doesn’t cost much effort and glides far away. For the shoes barrel requirements, the most important thing is fit, and foot size matching, when the movement will not hurt the foot, if the design is not reasonable, the damage to the joints is also great. When using pulley shoes, the wheels and the ground will be rubbed fiercely, so they must be made of friction resistant materials. The wear resistance of carbon fiber is not lost to metal, but stronger than that of plastics.

Carbon fiber pulley shoes are not only superior in quality, but also in beautiful appearance. Unique knitting lines, one eye is different from other materials, fashion and elegant, attract people’s eyes. Some people like to decorate the mobile phone, car and so on with the carbon fiber textured sticker. It’s just the pattern.

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