According to the process, the carbon fiber tube can be divided into winding pipe and pultrusion pipe two, both of which are very different in appearance, the performance of the above, the former is woven, the beautiful and the latter are not, the performance of the corrosion resistance and strength than the former, so the carbon fiber winding pipe is more popular in the market, this article to the tube forming method about carbon fiber winding.

The forming methods of carbon fiber winding pipe are divided into three kinds, including three kinds of loop winding, longitudinal plane winding and spiral winding. The circumferential winding is placed on the machine after the carbon precursor prepreg resin is placed, so that the core mold is running uniformly around its axis. After a period of time, the yarns are covered with the core mold surface. The longitudinal plane winding is to wrap yarns in a fixed plane. When the core mold rotates, the yarns will go up until the tube is formed, and the spiral winding will make the yarn move intermittently in the direction of the core mold. The three methods are different in detail, and the basic principles are the same.

The carbon fiber winding pipe forming process, glue, tension and baking temperature of these variables should pay special attention to, resin content is too high or too low will affect the strength of carbon fiber winding and air tightness, aging pipes, the baking temperature is too high will cause stress corrosion, tension affects the strength of carbon fiber winding pipe and fatigue resistance.

Carbon fiber tubes are used mainly as structural and bearing components, such as scaffolding, flagpole, rod box pole, three foot frame, and mechanical component, which are very widely used.

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