All carbon fiber products are made from carbon fiber raw silk. The main raw materials of the raw silk are polyacrylonitrile, rayon and mesophase pitch. The earliest use of rayon was made, and now most of them have been replaced by polyacrylonitrile. In this paper, the most commonly used PAN based carbon fiber as an example, to tell you how carbon fiber raw silk is produced.

PAN precursors are usually free radical polymerization or anionic polymerization. Anionic polymerization is initiated by a nucleophilic initiator, which is both a monomer and an additive. The precursor polymers produced in industrial production are usually initiated by free radicals, and the initiators are usually azo compounds. This method can produce a high proportion of the equal isotactic three – element copolymer, thus improving the performance of the finished carbon fiber. High quality raw silk polymers are generally AN and a small amount of copolymers of copolymers. But the purpose of adding copolymerized monomers is not to improve the elasticity and dyeability of the fibers, but to improve the preoxidation process and the cyclization. Therefore, the commonly used comonomers are acids, amines, aldehydes, ketones, nitriles and so on, which contain double bond olefins. These monomers have acrylic acid and methacrylic acid, which will hinder the cyclization. While the industry as a carbon fiber and pre oxidation fiber precursor containing Conurtelle, itaconic acid and methyl acrylate two monomers. After the above steps are finished, they are spun. Commonly used methods are dry spinning, wet spinning and mixed spinning. In order to reduce the static electricity in the fiber, a small amount of antistatic agent can be added.

Such as spinning steps after the match, the carbon fibre is produced, it can be processed into many materials such as carbon fiber, carbon fiber sheet, carbon fiber rod, carbon fiber, carbon fiber processing etc.. The quality of the raw silk, the product produced by the natural quality of the better.

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