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CNC Carbon Fiber Cutting Services

We have our own processing workshop, with our own CNC lathes and aluminum alloy processing lathes. According to the CAD drawings, we perform CNC machining on carbon fiber sheets/carbon fiber parts/carbon fiber tubes/aluminum alloys, including:

Cutting into any shape,

Install the nuts,

Drilling, sinking,

Chamfering, printing,

Making aluminum alloy parts

Connection and fixation of carbon fiber parts and metal parts

carbon fiber cnc cutting
carbon fiber car part

Carbon Fiber Part

Customized carbon fiber parts require the customer to provide 3D drawings(.step/.stp/.sldprt/.prt/.igs).

We make molds based on the drawings (the molds belong to the customer).

We make the sample and send to the customer.

If satisfied, we can start mass production.

or provide feedback, we make the sample again according to the feedback.

3K Carbon Fiber Sheet

process: Put the carbon fiber prepreg cloth in the mold, place it in a high-temperature & high-pressure environment for a period of time to cure the epoxy resin,  the carbon fiber plate is then made into shape.

Plate surface: Matte/Glossy.

Plate texture: Twill/Plain.


Thickness: 0.3~10.0mm(±0.1mm).

You can customize any thickness of carbon fiber board according to your needs, such as 1.2mm,  and cut to the size you require.

carbon fiber tubes

Carbon Fiber Tube/Rod

There are 3K rolled carbon fiber tube, pultrusion carbon fiber tube/rod/strip,  color glass fiber tube with carbon fiber texture.

3K rolled carbon fiber tube:

Tube surface: Matte/Glossy.

Tube texture: Twill/Plain

Common Diameter:From 6.0mm to 102.0mm.

Common Length: 1200mm

We also make square pipes/hexagonal pipes/and irregular pipes(such as carbon fiber exhaust pipes).

Color glass fiber tube(with carbon fiber texture) have bright colors,  nice looking effects.  As needed,  inner carbon fiber and outer glass fiber tubes can be made.

Pultrusion carbon fiber tube/rod/strip are usually small in size, such as 1.0mm,  which cannot be achieved by rolled tube.

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