The ring, like the ring, is the product worn on the hand, and the ring is worn on the finger, and the ring is worn on the wrist. The style of the bracelet on the market is various. The materials are made of plastic, metal, wood and crystal. Some of them not only play a purely decorative role, but also have the functions of repelling mosquitoes, emitting fragrance and so on. Today we introduce the exquisite Carbon Fiber Bracelet.

Compared with other materials, it has the advantages of non deformation, color faded, no rust, no allergy, impact resistance, light weight and so on. The weight of carbon fiber is light, the density is only 1.8g/ cubic centimeter, and the hand ring can hardly feel the existence of it on the hand, and it does not interfere with the work study. Its strength, the tensile strength is more than 3500MPa, no damage and other things bump. Like the precious gold bracelet, its strength is great, but the soft bump, easy deformation, jade bracelet is to be careful, once broken cannot be restored. Carbon fiber material is innocuous and harmless, it will not harm the human body, and it will not pollute the environment. The people of the allergic constitution are also suitable for wearing. The shape of the carbon fiber bracelet is unique, and the black knitting pattern is simple and fashionable. It is suitable for people of all ages. Wherever it is, it is the focus of attention.

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