As a new material in twenty-first Century, carbon fiber has many characteristics that traditional materials (such as metals and plastics) do not possess. Its strength and modulus are relatively high, its thermal expansion coefficient is small, high temperature resistance, friction resistance, creep resistance and design ability are strong. Carbon fiber tube is one of the common carbon fiber products. This article is concerned with its dry winding process.

Preparation of raw materials:

1. Strengthen the material. It includes carbon fiber yarn, carbon fiber belt and carbon fiber cloth.

2, resin matrix. The performance of a carbon fiber tube depends not only on the reinforced material, but also on the resin, and the selection of the resin is also very important. It is commonly used as unsaturated polyester resin, epoxy resin, bismaleimide resin and so on. The general products are mostly unsaturated polyester resin, and the epoxy resin can be used for the products with high mechanical properties.

Specific process:

Yarn group → &rarr dipping drying; &rarr → winding yarn spindles; → tension control → heating flow → longitudinal and circumferential wound curing → → &rarr / → sanding paint; finished products.

First, the carbon fiber yarn prepreg resin is heated to soften to the viscous flow on the winding machine, and then is wound onto the core mold. Then the mold is released and solidified, and finally, the paint is polished according to the surface requirements.

The advantages and disadvantages of dry winding process:

Its biggest advantage is high efficiency, winding speed up to 100 ~ 200m/min, short time can achieve mass production, the quality of products can also be strictly controlled, and the machine is clean and pollution-free. The disadvantage is that the equipment is expensive. Besides the winding instrument, the equipment of prepreg yarn is also needed, and the investment is great.

Carbon fiber tube is widely used in aviation, aerospace, mechanical equipment, military industry, sports and leisure and other industries.

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