Three cup anemometer is an instrument for the meteorological department of a commonly used wind speed measurement, the instrument generally has three wind cup, then conversion, linking different measuring and recording device, it is to use the power of the wind to rotate, and then calculate the wind speed, large wind cup diameter of about 100mm, and medium wind cup the diameter of 60mm, small wind cup has a diameter of 20mm, the traditional wind cup is made of a metal material, and the current number of meteorological stations have made of carbon fiber composite material, this material is corrosion resistant, anti radiation, not afraid of rain, Feng Shui steel accounted for less than 1/4, and the strength is 7-9 times that of steel, is a real high-tech material.

Today we are introducing the development of a carbon fiber anemometer apoplexy cup. Methods three cup overall injection molding, first of all need to be short fiber and resin composite, carbon fiber cut into 2cm long, after surface treatment, fully mixing extrusion directly within the extruder with resin, extrusion after cooling, cutting, measuring the fibre content, proportion, screw speed quantitative, adding short fiber, can be prepared by carbon fiber composite material with stable quality.

Using thermoplastic composites to achieve one-off injection molding of three wind cups, we must first design and process dies, and ensure that three wind cups can be evenly distributed on a horizontal circle, with good streamline, smooth surface and small rotation resistance. It is difficult to process the mold. It is necessary to adopt the technology of wire cutting, electric spark and so on.

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