The bicycle is a popular means of transportation in life, the most is the beginning of steel manufacturing, 1980s, science and technology developed countries such as Italy and France have developed the use of carbon fiber and Aluminum Alloy joints bonded into the bike, it is light in weight, the strength is very high, is a few times of steel many. After so many years of development, the manufacturing technology of carbon fiber bicycle is better, and it has been widely applied in the market. This paper is about the development process and present situation of carbon fiber bicycle.

There are close cooperation between bicycle manufacturers and research departments in Europe, America and other countries. First, we must closely analyze the stress condition and ergonomics of bicycles, and regenerate output cars suitable for riding. The manufacturing process of the frame is simply as follows: first, the carbon fiber knitted fabric is cut into the shape of the frame, and then immersed in epoxy resin to heat and solidify, then the surface is polished and polished. In 90s, foreign manufacturers also invented the hybrid technology, combining the two methods of bonding and holistic, to improve production efficiency.

Let’s take a look at the development of carbon fiber bicycle in China. In the middle of 80s, the Giant Corporation in Taiwan started developing carbon fiber bicycles and achieved great success. They not only sold well in China, but also exported to the United States, Japan and other countries. The development of the mainland will be a little later, and it does not begin to study production until 90s, but now it has a certain share in the market.

Carbon fiber bicycles are light and durable, and there are various styles to be chosen to meet the aesthetic requirements of the consumers.

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