With the development of social economy, cars have entered thousands of families, and people are getting higher and higher on the quality, performance, durability and stability of the car. Carbon fiber as a new material has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, good fatigue resistance, good damping performance and good breakage and safety. It is an excellent material for making auto parts. This article mainly discusses the connection mode of the carbon fiber automobile shaft and the metal universal joint.

There are two ways of connecting the carbon fiber shaft and the metal cardan joint: bonding and mechanical connection.

The adhesive is used to connect the two structural adhesive layer, theoretically allowable shear stress is greater than the external force, but in the actual production of the pipe body and the drive shaft universal joint of the adhesive has many uncontrollable factors in the manufacturing process of implementation, such as to exert pressure, no adhesive layer thickness control etc.. These factors lead to uncontrollable adhesive bonding. During the use of the parts, the stress concentration is easy to occur at the weakly connected part of the adhesive layer, which seriously leads to the failure of the adhesive bond, so we cannot ignore this simple step.

The common solutions for mechanical connection are flange connection, pin connection, bolt connection, toothed connection and mesh connection. Pin connection and bolt connection are widely applied because of its simple manufacturing process and low manufacturing cost. But both of these two ways need to punch holes in the carbon fiber composite drive shaft, which will definitely affect the overall strength of the shaft. Therefore, the tooth stripe type connection can be selected. It has the characteristics of high bearing capacity, shallow root and small stress concentration.

In addition to using these two methods separately, the bonding and mechanical connection can be combined according to the actual demand. As a model of new materials, carbon fiber composites have been widely used in various fields.

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