The traditional metal material has excellent performance, and it is widely used in machinery manufacturing, transportation, petrochemical and other industries, and has a broad market. However, with the progress of the times, the material requirements are increasingly high, there have been new materials have been developed, for example, has a beautiful woven carbon fiber, excellent properties make it a place in the aerospace industry, automobile, sports equipment, medical equipment and other fields. So which is better than the new material, carbon fiber, from the traditional material?

Is referred to as the iron carbon alloy steel: between the carbon mass between 0.02%~2.11%, has good physical and chemical and thermal properties, density is 7.85g/cm^3, tensile strength 300~600MPa, elastic modulus 190GPa and heat capacity 0.42KJ/ (kg· K), elongation of 16%~23% and thermal expansion coefficient of 10.6 ~ 12.2× 10-6/ C.

Carbon fiber is a material with carbon content more than 95%, the density of 1.6~2.0g/cm^3, tensile strength 3000MPa, tensile modulus and breaking elongation of 1.5% 230GPa and specific heat capacity 0.7~0.9KJ/ (Kg· K), the thermal expansion coefficient of -0.5× 10-6/ 0.00075~0.0015&Omega · C, resistivity; cm, but also has high temperature resistance, waterproof, anti burning, radiation characteristics.

The strength of carbon fiber is four times higher than that of steel, and its weight is only 1/4 of it. It is very light. If it is used instead of steel, it can lighten the weight without weakening the strength and play a lightweight effect. In addition, its thermal expansion coefficient is low, its elongation is low, it is not easy to deform, and its service life is longer.

The two are better than carbon fibers. Due to price, technology and other reasons, the amount of carbon fiber used is far less than that of steel products. It is more suitable for some high-tech products, such as spaceships, medical accessories, and high-end consumer goods, such as high-grade sports cars and high-end musical instruments. However, with the improvement of the economic and technological level, it is believed that the use of it will increase rapidly.

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