The traditional technology is used to drill carbon fiber composite material. Because the speed of drill bit’s transverse edge is 0, the material in the cross section area is entirely cut by the pushing action of the bit, so the axial force is very large. As a new type of drilling technology, spiral milling has the advantages of smooth cutting process, small cutting force and high machining accuracy, which can effectively reduce the problems in the process of carbon fiber composite drilling. The following is a specific comparison of the carbon fiber spiral milling hole technology and traditional hole making technology.

(1) when the cutting parameters change, the axial force of carbon fiber composite spiral drilling and traditional drilling has the same trend, that is, the axial force decreases with the increase of spindle speed and feed speed. When the cutting speed is the same as the feed speed, the axial force under the spiral milling hole is only 33.97%-51.23% of the traditional drilling.

(2) a group of hole cutting speed and feed speed is the same as the research object, in the population, which has the small spiral milling machining burr, burr and rolling direction and the direction of cutter revolution; hole drilling under the traditional burr although there is no obvious defects, but the edge of the hole without residue completely cut off and fiber, and mild delamination.

(3) the quality of the spiral milling holes is better, there is no obvious T defect, and the edge fracture is very smooth and smooth. In the traditional borehole, the axial force is larger, which leads to the burr and tear in the outlet.

(4) the wall of the hole of the spiral milling hole is smooth and the fiber is cut off neatly. But the quality of the hole wall produced by traditional drilling and drilling is poor, and there are some defects, such as carbon fiber and crack, which are not cut off.

Carbon fiber is light, high strength, high specific strength and high specific modulus. It has been widely used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, medical devices, sporting goods, musical instruments, acoustics, machinery and other fields.

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