Carbon fiber is a kind of silk than thinner and lighter, than aluminum is greater than the strength of the steel material, have many applications in military and civilian industries, its good biocompatibility can even make artificial joints and artificial ligament. In general, carbon fibers are not used alone, but are used in composite materials such as resin and other materials. In actual production, if the process is not well handled, it is easy to cause problems. This article is going to talk about the common defects and solutions in carbon fiber production.

Air bubble, dry area and poor gum: the reason for this problem is that the content of volatile matter in resin is too large. When the glue is injected, the bubble is not enough, and the reinforcing material does not match with the matrix resin and has poor wettability. The design of the nozzle is unreasonable and the embryo material is unreasonable. The solution is to replace or improve materials, improve the technology of glue injection and design of rubber nozzle, improve the structure and location of reinforced materials, prolong the time of foaming and improve the vacuum degree.

Resin rich layer and crack: the temperature of mold release is too high or the temperature is too fast, the fiber orientation is not proper, the design or technology of reinforced material is not proper, the injection pressure or flow rate is too high, which will cause this problem. The solution is to reduce the temperature of the mold, improve the structure of the fiber layer, and improve the parameters of the glue injection process.

Warpage: warpage is usually caused by unreasonable structure of fiber, unreasonable layer structure, unreasonable die structure and high temperature of die. It is necessary to improve the structure of parts and moulds, strictly control the layer and reduce the temperature of the mold.

Stratification: the causes of stratification include large amounts of volatiles in matrix resin, inadequate curing, and incompatibility between reinforced materials and matrix resins. The solution is to improve or replace the material, to prolong the curing time and to increase the curing temperature, to replace or to improve the material system.

It is believed that the corresponding solutions for different problems are sure to produce high quality carbon fiber products.

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