Most people use their wallet for money, and now their purses are powerful, not only for money and cards, but also for pens and mobile phones. For those who do not like to use their purses, a wallet is a good choice. It is actually a clip, light, easy to use, not to occupy the place, suitable for carrying. The wallet can be made of metal, plastic, alloy, gemstone and other materials. This article introduces the carbon fiber wallet.

Our company is the production of carbon fiber wallet a lot of style, according to the texture can be divided into plain weave, twill; according to surface treatments can be divided into light, matte; according to the different colors can be divided into red, gold, black, blue. The plain texture is the most basic fabric texture, which is made from the longitude and latitude lines. This structure is also the most compact, firm and steady feeling. The twill is inclined to the left and right to the right. It is more fashionable than the plain fabric. Light purse and wallet matte, most people will love the light, the surface is very bright and eye-catching, Matt will keep a low profile. But the light purse once scratches, grades will be reduced, no matte wear. Black wallet with the pure carbon fiber cloth, color wallet is used in aromatic carbon fabrics, blue and red silk are aramid fiber. Coloured wallet is very popular among young people.

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