Carbon fiber is a kind of artificial fiber that is finer than the hair. It can be made into various products by winding, knitting, extrusion and so on. After the product is produced, but also after the subsequent processing to a series of formal sale, one is the surface polishing, polishing with scratches or uneven will become smooth and shiny, rough polishing and fine polishing process here to tell you about the carbon fiber.

Rough polishing can use cast iron disc, can also use less fluff fabric, carbon fiber material and the grinding surface is flat, parallel, slowly covered in on polishing pad. Don’t give too much pressure at the beginning, and the pressure needs to be slowly reduced at the end of the day. It is important to note that it is only necessary to add cold water when polishing, and do not heat water or other polishing materials. The time is set at about 5 minutes, and there is no scratch on the carbon fiber product. After the end, clean it again.

Polishing is carried out in rough polishing after, this step is the need to use polishing material, generally choose diamond suspension or diamond grinding paste, they will put on cloth, plus some lubricant, set the machine speed of 250 rpm for a minute, the time in 3 minutes. The requirement is smooth and smooth, without any scratches and grooves. After polishing, you should also clean it.

The above is carbon fiber rough polishing and fine polishing technology. Polishing is an important step in process manufacturing. Besides carbon fiber, jewel, acrylic, glasses and other products need to go through this process before making the finished products, which can make the products look more beautiful. Wuxi Weisheng (RSN) new Mstar Technology Ltd specializing in the production of carbon fiber products, each step is fine grinding, good quality, welcome to map custom.

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