Carbon fiber is a lighter than glass fiber with higher strength and stiffness of the reinforced materials more advanced, high-quality fiber representatives said, of course, the price is a little higher, but with the progress of technology and reduce the production cost, the price has declined. Japan is the world’s most carbon fiber country, accounting for more than 60%, and also mastered the highest carbon fiber technology.

Many preparation methods of carbon fiber industry is the most conventional organic matrix material oxidation and graphitization, the specific process is divided into three steps, the first is the low temperature oxidation in air at 200~400 DEG C, and is in an inert gas at a temperature of 1000 DEG C during carbonization, finally the temperature in inert graphite the gas to 2000 DEG C. The method of preparing carbon fiber precursors with different raw materials is basically the same. The difference lies in the temperature area at each stage and the magnitude of the applied traction force. All these factors will affect the performance of the final product. At present, 90% of carbon fibers are made from polyacrylonitrile based fibers.

Carbon fiber performance is excellent, tensile strength is more than four times higher than steel, and the surface area of each square centimeter can bear 30~40 tons of pressure. The weight is only about 1/4 of the steel, high temperature resistant to 1000 degrees Celsius, not afraid of the corrosion of chemical substances such as acid and alkali salt, anti-seismic, wear-resistant and waterproof.

Carbon fiber plays an important role in modern science and technology, industry and national defense. Composite materials made of carbon fiber and plastic, ceramic and resin have been used in chemical industry, electromechanical engineering, shipbuilding, aircraft manufacturing and other industries.

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