On the park, the lawn, the open ground, we can sometimes see the multiaxial aircraft. Compared with other aircraft, the multi axis aircraft has simple structure, no complex mechanical, pitch and electronic adjustment process. There is no special requirement for the flying field. The remote controller can operate freely at hand. In recent years, aerial photography is popular, and multi axis aircraft have been warmly welcomed. Carbon fiber material is light weight and good friction resistance. It has been widely used in multi axis aircraft in recent years.

For multi axis aircraft, if there are too many hollows, thin central plates and small carbon tubes of the motor arm, it will be unstable and vibrate when flying, and the aerial picture will also become very unclear. The light weight of carbon fiber is beneficial to overcome the gravity flying to the sky. High strength can resist high altitude pressure and friction when flying. The aseismic property of carbon fiber material is at least three times higher than that of aluminum material. If the motor is overheated, the aircraft will be at risk of falling at any time. The ability of carbon fiber materials to resist high temperature can also ensure that it is flying for a long time.

Do not forget to use multi axis aircraft to pay attention to safety. After all debugging links are finished, the propeller is installed before the official test flight! Never grasp the plane without hand! The fast rotating propeller is likely to cut the arm. Safety, carbon fiber is better than metal, it is not as sharp as metal, as long as it does not touch at the time of operation, it will not cause danger.

The use of carbon fiber multi axis aircraft is widely used, in addition to aerial photography, high altitude operation, surveying and mapping, highway survey, and spraying pesticide.

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