As an important target of the future train development in many countries of the world, high speed train is an important way to alleviate the congestion of highway, water transportation and air traffic. The head hood is one of the most important parts of the head car. Its aerodynamic performance and self weight will affect the speed of the train. According to the analysis, when the speed is at 250-300km/h, the air resistance has already occupied 70%-80% of the total resistance of the train, so it is very important to develop the good aerodynamic performance for the high speed train.

The head of carbon fiber composites for lightweight train components is a promising step, can forming an overall large size and complex surface hood, satisfy the aerodynamic requirements at the same time, but also reduce the weight, provide a double guarantee for high speed train. The head cover of carbon fiber composite can also overcome the disadvantages of high cost, low precision, easy corrosion and difficult maintenance of conventional metal material. At the same time, it can reduce energy consumption, exhaust pollution and improve the effective transport capacity.

However, the construction of high-speed train headgear and the overall cab structure is still at the initial stage, and the reference design theory and design method is relatively scarce. The advanced manufacturing technology is still under exploration.

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