Each material has its shortcomings and advantages. In order to make materials more powerful, they have invented composite materials, which combine two or more than two kinds of materials as a kind of material. They are widely applied in the market now. As a common transportation tool, the material of traditional manufacturing aircraft is steel, aluminum alloy and titanium alloy. With the development of carbon fiber industry, carbon fiber composite will become the main material of aircraft manufacturing.

Let’s look at three kinds of materials, such as steel, titanium alloy and aluminum alloy. The strength of steel alloy is very large. Some parts which require very high size and strength can be made with it. The disadvantage is that the weight is too large and the density is more than 7.8g/cm3. Now the light weight and light weight are advocated, which does not meet the requirements. The weight of aluminum alloy is very light, and its density is only 2.8g/cm3. It can lighten many weight, but its strength is very low, and its high temperature resistance is not good, so it can’t be used widely in aircraft. As for titanium alloys. Its performance is really good, but the price is too expensive and the processing is more troublesome.

If carbon fiber is used on aircraft, it will not only play a role in lighten the weight, but also has the advantage that general materials cannot have in structural mechanics and chemical performance. Its strength is very high, its weight is very light, its chemical performance is stable, it can withstand high temperature and low temperature, and the stability of material is very good. It will not change with the change of environment.

Of course, carbon fiber also has some shortcomings, such as brittleness, mechanical processing and so on. People have been looking for ways to solve these problems.

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