A long time ago, carbon fiber composites were used in weapons, which could enhance the corrosion resistance, heat resistance, strength and weight of the weapon. In addition to the needs of war, the development of weapons is of great significance to deterring other countries and promoting comprehensive national strength. This article is about the use of carbon fiber composites in weapons.

1. Combat aircraft

Carbon fiber composite material is mainly used in the fuselage, wing, propeller, vertical tail and other parts. Compared with the metal, the weight was reduced by about 30%, and the parts were reduced by 61%. It makes a lot of light, faster speed, less fuel consumption, and more combat equipment. For example, F-35 lightning II fighter, it is a single engine supersonic stealth fighter, has excellent close air support, carbon fiber composite material usage accounts for more than 25%.

Two. Missile

On the missile, carbon fiber composite material is mainly used for missile warhead, shell and other structural components. The high speed of the missile and the air produce great friction, and it will burn easily when the ability of resisting high temperature is bad. The missile burns, the consequences are unthinkable. Carbon fiber has a high temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius, and few materials can be compared with it, so it is completely safe to use. The United States, Japan, France and other countries have used carbon fiber to make missiles, and other countries have been successfully developed.

On the military side, the application of carbon fiber composites is far more than that. Carbon fiber composites can be used for military helmets, radar antennas, knee protector, bulletproof vest, stretcher and so on.

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