Carbon fibers are made from organic fiber materials that are calcined naturally or synthesized at low temperatures in an oxidizing atmosphere. To get carbon fiber reinforced carbon composites, carbon fibers calcined at low temperature can be added to the resin matrix, and then heat treated to make the matrix carbonization to transform fibers into carbon fibers. Heat shrinkable fiber and matrix lead to different values of carbon fiber composites in tensile stress state, the stress dispersion in the matrix stress state, this composite material prepared in the air from 300 degrees to 600 degrees without mass loss, due to the resin types and completely or partially burned Satin fiber quality loss depends on carrying on.

Another kind of graphite composite material can be prepared by slurry leaching and coating carbon fiber and so on. The slurry is composed of very small NbC particles (diameter 0.02&mu, m) and binder. The coating fibers were heated to form the desired shape at 3000 degrees above vacuum and dispersed in the NbC compound refractory. The carbon fiber reinforced the thermal shock resistance and chemical corrosion resistance of the composite.

The most important performance of carbon composites is excellent oxidation resistance. This is because the high density of the hot press and carbon fiber are well dispersed in the whole refractory matrix. This composite material used in the manufacture of structural material in aviation turbine blades, and has high strength, and 1800 DEG C and its temperature above the spacecraft requirements such as heating and rapid temperature change when has excellent oxidation resistance. The stability of carbon fibers is usually impregnated with metals to form carbides, turns or oxides of high melting points.

The difference between carbon fiber and graphite fiber is that carbon fiber is called carbon fiber with a carbon content of 90%, and the carbon content of about 98% is graphite fiber.

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