With the acceleration of urbanization, people are getting farther and farther away from nature. In a world full of reinforced concrete, people are eager to contact nature, listen to birds, smell the flowers and take a look at the green mountains. As a result, unwilling people gather together to explore the world, climb the cliffs in the wasteland, conquer the vast sea. Taking into account the safety issue, some equipment is to be prepared before the adventure is made, and the flagpole is one of them. The raw material of the flagpole can be wood, metal, plastic, glass fiber, carbon fiber, etc., carbon fiber is recommended here.

Like to travel, the tour guide will wave a flag. Victoria expedition flagpole is also a sign of the role. If it is not easy to find an organization in a big crowd if it is scattered in crowded places, it is very conspicuous if the people in the ranks wave their flags high. In the evening camping in the field, the flagpole inserted in the soil, said the area was contracted by us. It is also a symbol of victory when expeditions are struggling to reach their destination, just as the astronauts who reach the moon have the national flag on the moon. When walking too tired, the flagpole can also be used as crutches.

Carbon fiber expedition team flagpoles, the use of high-performance carbon fiber materials, it is high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, high temperature. Light weight can reduce the burden on the expedition staff, carrying. High strength allows it in a variety of harsh environments are not damaged. Whether it is encountered in the swamp of mud or rain Monkey, its chemical stability so that it will not be corrosion, long life, is a good helper expedition members.

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