Carbon fiber composite material with low density, high specific strength and specific modulus, high temperature resistance, good fatigue resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient, is widely used in the field of aircraft, and Aluminum Alloy, titanium alloy, alloy steel and four advanced structural materials for modern aircraft manufacturing. In this article, the application of carbon fiber composites on the aircraft is described as an example of a large airship, a rotor vertical UAV and a fixed wing unmanned aircraft.

1. A large airship

A large rigid airship hull, the cylinder diameter is 16m, length of 65m, the whole truss structure with few connections, all made of carbon fiber composite material design and manufacture, including the hull frame (barrel, front and rear), engine bracket, gear assembly and pod structure skeleton. The cylinder is 50mm carbon fiber epoxy composite pipe with different thickness, and the diagonal tension bar is 30mm carbon fiber pipe with diameter. The landing gear assembly is a carbon fiber pipe with diameter 10mm~90mm and a metal spring damping mechanism.

2, rotor vertical take-off and landing unmanned aerial vehicle

The whole structure of rotorcraft UAV can achieve all carbon fiber manufacturing except for some connecting screws. It has the characteristics of portability, agitation, flexibility, stability in flight, strong wind resistance, vertical take-off and landing, manual flight and stealth. The main body structure is made of integral molding, and the arm tube is made of winding, and the motor mounting plate is made of laminating form.

3, fixed wing UAV

A fixed wing UAV is a super light architecture aircraft. According to the overall design requirements, its shape components, rudders and wings must be strictly controlled. Meanwhile, it needs to meet the mechanical performance requirements under the condition of low speed flight, acceleration and acceleration. The main parts include the plane wing skin structure, skin, fuselage and wing rib rudder, in accordance with the form of carbon fiber composite structure can be divided into thin arm skin and honeycomb structure of 2 classes, the former using carbon fiber prepreg through the mold design, using autoclave molding technology, while the latter uses medium temperature curing adhesive molding technology.

With the rapid development of Aeronautical Technology, carbon fiber composites are becoming more and more important in the design and manufacture of aircraft structure.

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