Epoxy carbon fiber prepreg is a solid material made of carbon fiber and epoxy resin. It has smooth surface, uniform texture, no bubbles and no impurities. The fiber is parallel to the prepreg side, and the specific stiffness, specific strength, fatigue resistance, life and aseismic flame-retardant are superior to those of aluminum alloy, with small thermal expansion coefficient and high conductivity. Of course, the specific performance varies according to the types and types of fibers, resins and models.

Models and uses:

The series of epoxy carbon fiber prepreg products include 3231/T300, 4221/T300, 5222/T300 and other brands. High performance composites can be made by bag pressure method, thermal expansion molding method, molding method and so on. It is also used in electronic instruments, sports instruments and medical equipment for aerospace and aerospace structural materials. The use of the workpiece is more than 100 degrees C.

Production process route:

The production process of epoxy prepreg is simple. First, the carbon fiber precursor of T300 is woven into CFRP, and then pre soaked to mix the resin. Finally, the film is covered with the film to ensure that the resin does not dry. If the resin is dry, it can’t make the product needed in the mold.

Packing, storage and transportation and safety:

The epoxy carbon fiber prepreg is supplied in the form of flaky or reel material, and the surface is covered with polyethylene film or rolled in the airtight film bag. The length of the sheet is the longest 4200mm and the width is 800mm. There are no more than 10 sheets in each bag. The outer packing is used in wooden cases or hard boxes for moistureproof and collision prevention. Prepreg should be stored at low temperature.

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