Many people are not strangers to mention carbon fiber materials. They have been developing rapidly in recent years, and gradually applied to many fields such as aerospace, automobile manufacturing, high-speed rail cars, sporting goods, musical instruments, medical devices and so on. It is the high quality material to realize the light weight of the car. This article gives you an analysis of the carbon fiber material for the car.

The advantages of automobile carbon fiber materials:

1. Light weight. Carbon fiber is very lightweight, with a density of only 1.6g/cm^3, much lower than metal steel and aluminum, which can be reduced by at least 35% of the weight in a large range of vehicles.

2, durability. Carbon fiber materials used to make cars are precisely carbon fiber composites, composed of carbon precursor and matrix resin, with stable performance and long service life.

3. Safety. The tensile strength of carbon fiber is 3000MPa, which is more than four times as much as steel and has good impact resistance.

4, beauty. Only a layer of varnish is sprayed on the surface. It can clearly see the intersecting arrangement of the internal carbon fiber tow or oblique line, compact and regular, fashion trend.

The use of carbon fiber in automobiles:

The whole car, carbon fiber concrete can be made of insulation board, chassis, interior and exterior trim, wheelchair structure, instrument panel, buffer beam, body frame, mirror housing, license plate frame, side skirts and other accessories. The material system laboratory have done experiments, the use of carbon fiber made body weighs 172kg, and steel body weight 368kg. Ford’s new generation of wild horse Shelby GT350R is equipped with a carbon fiber hub with a weight of 8.6kg, and the weight of the general aluminum alloy hub is up to 15kg.

The development of carbon fiber materials used in foreign countries has begun to take shape, and the domestic development is slow, but the development of technology and its industrial application have been progressing continuously.

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