Carbon fiber can be reinforced on the surface of the product, and its strengthening principle is basically the same as that of the stick steel method, but the advantage is more obvious. The main features are high strength, high efficiency, durability and corrosion resistance. It does not increase the weight and volume of the component itself and has a wide range of application. This article is in detail.

1. High strength and high efficiency. Carbon fiber has excellent physical and mechanical properties, the tensile strength of the steel is ten times more, not less than 3400MPa in the concrete reinforcement, can improve the bearing capacity and ductility of structures with high strength and high modulus characteristics of it, the purpose of achieving high reinforcement.

2, durability and corrosion resistance. Carbon fiber chemical properties are very stable, not with acid and alkali salt alcohols, can be used in a variety of environments, not easy to age, long service life.

3, it does not increase the weight and volume of the component itself. The weight of carbon fiber is light and thin, and the weight of paste is less than 1.0KG/m^2 (including the quality of paste). The thickness of the first layer is only about 1.0mm, which hardly increases the self weight and size of the structure.

4. The scope of application is wide. The carbon fiber cloth used for reinforcement is a flexible material, which can be arbitrarily cut into the required size, and can adapt to the change of the shape of the structure. It is closely combined with the structural parts, and has obvious advantages in strengthening the uneven components of irregular components.

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