Cable-stayed bridge with large span capacity, compact structure, has the advantages of micron aerodynamic stability and development in recent decades more rapidly, the traditional steel cable due to climate conditions lead to poor corrosion resistance by a serious challenge, while the carbon fiber cables can be very excellent, in recent years has been extended year by year first, the domestic carbon fiber composite cable of cable-stayed bridge in Jiangsu University was completed, the bridge all cables are made of carbon fiber composite materials, and the share of carbon fiber cable has advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of carbon fiber cable-stayed cables:

1, corrosion resistance

Carbon fiber composite material and have superior corrosion resistance compared to many, if the construction of offshore bridges using carbon fiber composite materials, does not need to worry about the problem of corrosion, and steel susceptible to corrosion of chlorine ion in seawater, therefore need to be carried out on the steel surface of special physical process, than the carbon fiber composite material is complex. Tedious process.

2. Fatigue resistance

Carbon fiber composite material fatigue energy source is better than cable, as proved by the scientific experiment: carbon fiber composite cable 19 monofilament not damaged in 2*10^6 times under cyclic loading, the fatigue strength is about 4 times under the same condition, the cable is sufficient to superiority of carbon fiber composite material.

3. It has high specific strength, high specific modulus and light density.

The density of carbon fiber composites is minimal, the density is about 1/4 just now, and its tensile properties are excellent. Under the same stress condition, the lightweight and high-strength carbon fiber composite material can be used as the stay cable, which can reduce the self weight of cables, improve the span ability of bridges, and reduce the size of the substructure, thus reducing the comprehensive economic index and the difficulty of construction technology.

While carbon fiber composite cable cable is widely used, it also has its defects.

1. The poor shear ability of carbon fiber and low modulus of elasticity are the problems that need to be solved before the real application of carbon fiber composites.

2, carbon fiber composite cable components and other parts of the structure of the coordination and connection, to play the maximum efficiency of the carbon fiber cable.

3. Because the anchorage of the cable-stayed cable of carbon fiber composite in the bridge tower and the main beam is very difficult, a special anchorage should be designed to solve the problem.

The continuous application of carbon fiber stay cables in cable-stayed bridges at home and abroad proves that the CFRP stay cables are feasible in technology, safety and applicability. The carbon fiber material has greatly improved the effective bearing capacity and ultimate span ability of stay cables. The use of carbon fiber composite cable-stayed cable with excellent performance will be further promoted and the market prospect is wide.

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