3K Carbon Fiber Sheet

carbon fiber sheet
carbon fiber plate
carbon fiber sheet matte finish
thin carbon fiber sheet
carbon fiber sheet plain
carbon fiber sheet glossy finish

We provide carbon fiber plates in different fabric with mutiplate materials, finish,size and thickness. From 0.2mm verneer to 20mm plates, from 20mm*20mm size to 1200*1500mm large size, from small spring parts to large medical bed, we use professional technology to service your project. Machining service is our specialty. you can just send your design to  info@cncarbonfiber.com  we will check the cost for you.

Thickness 0.2mm-20mm   (Tolerance:within +/-0.1mm)
Size: 200*300mm,250*400mm,400*500mm,500*600mm,1000*600mm,1500*1200mm(Dimensions is customize)
Pattern: Twill/Plain /Unidirectional/diamond/colorful silk/forged Looking
Weave: 3K ( 1k,1.5K,6k is availble)
Surface Finish: Glossy/Matte
Adhesive: Epoxy Resin
Performance: high-strength type/modulus
Application: Music parts,Sport parts,Medical parts,Reinforcement parts, UAV ,Drones ,FPV ,Sports
Working Temperature: ≤150℃
Product Feature: Electric conduct material, electrode & Static electricity resistance.
Supply Ability: 3000 Sheet/Sheets per Month
Customization: LOGO, packing,shape,size,weave,working temperature
CNC Machining Ability: Chamfering,Countersink,Grooving, LOGO Carving, pipe hole drill/grooving
forged diamond carbon fiber sheet plate

Custom-Made Carbon Fiber Plates

Common carbon fiber plate(0°/90° orientation layup )is our main product, we also accept custom-made orders。Such as quasi-isotropic carbon fiber sheet (0°/90°/+45°/-45°layup),unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg sheet(full unidirectional, without 3K surface),Sandwich carbon fiber board(inner can be Lightweight materials or Copper sheet),High temperature resistant carbon fiber board ,,diamond surface carbon plate,forged looking carbon fiber sheet and High elastic carbon fiber thin sheet. If you have project requires special carbon fiber materials, please talk with us in detail.

Sandwich carbon fiber plate
Product Application:
1. Aerospace, RC model parts Helicopters Model Drone, UAV
2. Decoration parts for Car and jewelry
3. Manufacture fixtures and tooling
4. Industrial automation and robotics
5. Sports equipment
6. Musical instruments
7. Scientific apparatus
8. Medical device
9. Armor and Others

Contact US : info@cncarbonfiber.com