Carbon fiber is a fiber material with a carbon content greater than 90%. It has the characteristics similar to other carbon materials. It is resistant to high temperature, wear resistant acid, corrosion resistance, conduction and heat conduction. In addition, it has the softness that other carbon materials do not have, and can be made into a variety of products after the combination of metal, resin, ceramics and so on. Carbon fiber model specifications are numerous, according to the strength and modulus can be divided into T series and M series, according to the number of K can be divided into 1K, 3K, 6K, 12K, 24K and so on. 1K carbon fiber and 3K carbon fiber, which is better?

First, look at the meaning of the number of K, which refers to the number of monofilaments in a bundle of carbon fibers. 1K indicates that there are 1000 monofilaments in a bundle of carbon fibers, and 3K contains 3000. Carbon fiber is very slender, hair diameter of only 1/20, rarely used alone, often thousands of roots into a bundle, woven cloth, or is made into the pipe and other parts, called 1K (3K) carbon fiber cloth, 1K (3K) carbon fiber tube, K size and quality is not directly the relationship, just the visual senses on the texture thickness.

The performance of 1K and 3K is the same, for example, the strength is 3.5GPa, the modulus is 220GPa, the elongation is 1.6%, and the different is the linear density. Because of the denser lines of 1K carbon fiber, it is also more complex, more expensive, and rare in the market, mainly for surface decoration. 3K is widely used. It can not only play the role of decoration for auto parts and cylinders, but also make lightweight components such as high-speed railway components, mechanical arms and transmission shaft.

Looking at the above, I believe you have a certain understanding of 1K carbon fiber and 3K carbon fiber.

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