Xinhua Beijing January 11 (reporter Li You Chen Jie) recently, “dry spray wet spinning 1000 tons of high-strength / 100 tons of intermediate carbon fiber industrialization key technology and application” has won the first prize of national science and technology progress. January 10th, Xinhua interview interview with the project first accomplisher zhongfushenying chairman Zhang Guoliang, the following is the interview record:

Xinhuanet: why is carbon fiber called “the king of new materials” and “black gold”? What are the main applications of carbon fiber products?

Zhang Guoliang: the biggest property of carbon fiber material is that it is a material with no plastic deformation in engineering application. It has high strength and high modulus. For example, when the production of bicycle precision will do very well, but we found that metal materials do not ride a bike more and more good ride, because the metal material will appear plastic deformation in the process of riding meet deformation squeeze caused by the collision is unable to repair itself, once the deformation is not good ride the. A self recovery function of carbon fiber by bike, most sports bike with carbon fiber, carbon fiber as a bicycle, it is not only light, my many years later still be very good ride.

When applied to aircraft, there will be some deformation when the aircraft takes off and landing. This deformation can not be permanent. The performance of carbon fiber can meet this demand. On the satellite, the satellite is at a temperature of more than 100 degrees to the sun, while the back is low to zero. Under the condition of high temperature difference, the thermal expansion coefficient of common metals will cause damage to the whole structure of the satellite, and the thermal expansion coefficient of carbon fiber components can be ignored. In addition, carbon fiber also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, and the rocket engine nozzle is used carbon fiber material.

In the past, because there were no producers in the country, they could not be widely applied. With the batch production of domestic carbon fiber, the application of carbon fiber will be more and more extensive from military to civilian in the future, and will bring more obvious changes to our life.