Winding is a common process in the manufacture of carbon fiber, which is mainly used to make carbon fiber tubes. Its process is not complex, carbon fiber soaked in resin, wound to the core mold, and then after curing, stripping and other steps to be able to get the finished product. There are three most common twining processes, dry winding, wet winding and semi dry winding. This article talks about the three methods.

Dry winding. Dry winding is a winding machine that uses a winding machine to heat the pre impregnated carbon fiber yarn into the viscous flow state and wound to the core mold. In the prepreg of carbon fiber yarn, because of the strict control of the resin content, so the product can be prepared to grasp the quality. The production efficiency of the dry winding is very high, the processing time is short and the quality is very good. The disadvantage is that the production equipment is too expensive and the investment is large.

Wet winding. The wet winding is preprepreg the carbon fiber yarn, and winding it through the tension to the core mold. The products produced by this way have good tightness, no bubbles, high production efficiency and 40% less cost than dry winding, but much waste of resin and poor operation environment, and the quality of products is not easy to control.

Half dry winding. The semi dry winding method is to remove the solvent by using the drying equipment after the carbon fiber is soaked, and then wound into the core mold. Compared with the dry winding, it has a simple process and lower bubble content than the wet winding.

Compared with the three winding methods, the products produced by dry winding are of good quality, but the equipment requirements are high. They are only used in the high-end technology field, and the general manufacturers do not have the production conditions. Wet wrapping is the most common use. Half dry winding is more wasteful and less used. But what kind of technology is used to see the actual situation.

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