The kneecap is a product used to protect the knee. People’s joints are very fragile, easy to hurt, and once the pain is hard to endure, the recovery is extremely slow. There was a severe pain in the rainy day. So people often wear kneecap to protect their legs when they are moving. There are various kinds of knee protector, such as woolen kneecap, pure cotton kneecap, electrothermal knee protection, far infrared kneecap, etc. Carbon fiber as a new type of material, can be used to make various sports equipment, and naturally can be made into carbon fiber kneecap.

There are two main functions of the kneecap, brake, heat preservation and health care. The knee is very easy to catch cold, the joint disease is very difficult to cure, when the weather is cold, the elderly will wear the kneecap to keep the heat. Of course, the important thing for the athletes is the function of the brake. A lot of the movement of the body is done by twisting the joints, but the excessive exercise is the dislocation of the joints. The role of a multi – set of knee pads for braking can reduce the curvature of the knee and protect the joints.

The kneecap made of carbon fiber is nontoxic and tasteless. Although it is a chemical fiber, it does not cause any harm to the human body. Carbon fiber knee toughness and impact resistance are very good, when the hammer hit to strong knees, carbon fiber knee can withstand a large part of the impact force, the maximum protection of human body. In addition, the carbon fiber kneecap has the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance and so on. It will not increase the burden on the leg, and it is almost impossible to feel its existence.

In addition to making sports kneecap, carbon fiber can also make military kneecap. Military equipment can be used in high-tech materials, and the performance is not comparable to that of general products. In order to accomplish tasks, soldiers may be in a variety of situations, so the safety performance they wear is very high. Military carbon fiber knee protection can not only protect the joints when the soldiers act, but also resist foreign attacks.

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