For a long time, the application of carbon fiber is limited to aerospace, military industry and sporting goods industry. After entering the 1990s, science and technology developed rapidly, and people tried to use it in other fields. Now the field of expansion is musical instruments, building reinforcement, automobile manufacturing, medical equipment and so on. The electronic cigarette is this year to create instead of cigarette products than cigarettes, it is less harmful ingredients, also help to quit smoking, electronic cigarette tube can be made of plastic, metal, carbon fiber and other materials, then why this new carbon fiber material can be processed into electronic cigarette tube?

Let’s take a look at what is electronic cigarette. It is made up of two parts: smoke rod and smoke bomb. A cigarette cartridge containing nicotine solution of 2mL is a natural alkaloid extracted from tobacco leaves, which is lower than the nicotine content of a packet of ordinary cigarettes and has no harm to human body. The tobacco rod by a luminous tube, front end rechargeable battery and end chip and atomization cavity. Its working principle is when the suction switch is open, rechargeable batteries generate electromagnetic wave shielding (no radiation on the human body) in the microcomputer chip and an atomization cavity under the action of the nicotine solution after high temperature treatment, become atomization thus, smoking status, become a real alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Carbon fiber has the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, friction resistance, low water absorption, light weight, high strength, strong in design, not only in the performance of night with smoke pipe demand, the shape is also very beautiful, with plain weave, twill lines, surface matte, light treatment, the color is never old black, if you love color, can also meet the.

The electronic smoke tube made of carbon fiber is very popular in the market, and it has become one of the mainstream products.

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