The density of carbon fiber   is very small, only 1/3 of ordinary paper, lighter than plastic, high in strength, several times higher than that of steel. It is hard as rock, flexible as hair, and has the advantages of flexibility and high strength. It is widely used as the king of new materials.

Such materials as copper, gold, wood and stone have been applied since ancient times. Carbon fiber has not been used for a long time since the 50s of last century, so it is a new material. It is characterized by high strength, light weight, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, friction resistance, good stability and high modulus of elasticity. It can help the development of lightweight products, save fuel efficiency and protect the environment, and create small items for life, such as cups, furniture, decorations and so on.

Carbon fiber technology is confidential to the outside world, especially in the use of military workers, used in the manufacture of military weapons. Once it is released, it will be severely punished. The carbon filaments of ordinary modulus strength are exportable and are mainly used in civilian aspects, such as the T300 model. The TORAY carbon filament imported by Japan is very good and is popular around the world. Because of the closed policy of foreign countries, the development of domestic carbon fiber is slow, and the better performance needs to be imported. Now the State supports the industry energetically, and I believe it will succeed in the future.

Carbon fiber materials are not used alone, but are made of composite materials such as resins, ceramics and metals. Carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites account for more than 90% of the composites. After prepreg resin, carbon fibers can be molded into various types of components.

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