Carbon fiber has the advantages of light weight and high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, anti aging and a series of advantages, so many people have a tendency to use carbon fiber materials to manufacture products, common carbon fiber plate, carbon fiber tube, and some high-end technology products, but the carbon fiber product prices are generally high, which has what is the reason? Now let’s analyze it.

The high price of carbon fiber products is mainly because of its raw material, carbon fiber. Carbon fiber products are all made of carbon fiber precursor processing, carbon fiber is obtained with different matrix carbon fiber under high temperature oxidation, carbonization and graphitization, need several stretching and drying densification, the energy consumption is very large, the production cost is also increasing. It is required for carbon fiber production technology is very high, carbon fiber production is a very complex process, which includes a series of physical and chemical reaction, and now for the higher strength and higher modulus, for this research requires a lot of money, like some of the high performance requirements of the product, you need to use carbon fiber with higher quality, so the price will increase relatively. The last one is the monopoly of technology, we know that the core production technology of carbon fiber in the hands of Japan, the United States and a few other developed countries, the general strength of domestic carbon fiber production is not up to the requirements, so the carbon fiber used basically rely on imports, so the price will be supplied by agreed, and they also banned technology the leakage, so the domestic carbon fiber industry development is relatively slow.

The price of carbon fiber products is expensive, but its advantages are also not comparable with traditional materials. The use of carbon fiber materials can bring comprehensive benefits in all aspects.

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