Early production of UAV materials are mostly Aluminum Alloy metal, high strength, but in terms of weight is unsatisfactory, and the strength and stiffness ratio is generally low, so the effective load coefficient of the UAV is small, so it is necessary to find a new material to replace the traditional metal materials UAV, carbon fiber composite material is a good choice, compared the carbon fiber composite material and metal material below, to understand why the selection made of carbon fiber composite material for uav.

First of all, from the aspect of quality, carbon fiber reinforced polymer and aluminum alloy belong to the category of light weight. However, carbon fiber composite material is better than aluminum alloy. The density of aluminum alloy is generally 2.2-2.8g/cm3, and the density of carbon fiber composite material is 1.6-2.0g/cm3. And the main purpose of improving the endurance is to achieve lightweight structure. The carbon fiber composite material can also use the integrated molding process to reduce the use of parts, simplify the structure and reduce the weight. Secondly, payload capacity and material strength and stiffness ratio inseparable, we know in the field of metal materials is slightly dominant, carbon fiber composite material strength and stiffness ratio are prominent in the existing structure of the material, so to bring good load capacity of uav.

Metals are generally prone to oxidation reactions. Carbon fiber composites are relatively stable, almost no corrosion. And carbon fiber reinforced composites have many advantages, such as aseismic, high temperature resistance and low thermal expansion coefficient, compared with aluminum alloys. The price of carbon fiber composite material is higher than that of aluminum alloy. However, the economy is developing rapidly, and the price is gradually accepted by people. And carbon fiber composite material has such many excellent performance materials. In the long run, the advantages and benefits are remarkable.

In general, carbon fiber composites are more suitable for making unmanned aerial vehicles.

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